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«Cinque giorni di delirio. Delirio puro. Follia. Ordinaria follia.»
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Ciao Amore Ciao - Marco Mengoni

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» MTeam's fan actions on twitter: recap.


These are all the FA we’ve done since january 2012. | Queste sono tutte le FA che abbiamo fatto da gennaio 2012.

Facebook links to our previous fan actions: | Link Facebook per le nostre precedenti fan actions:


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» Speciale: #MarcoMengoniWelcomeUSA | Facebook

Hello guys!

We’re glad to invite you to a very special fan action, created as a big and common idea from all of Marco Mengoni’s fanbase on Twitter.

On the 28th of October, it’ll be really important, for all Marco’s fans, everyone who loves and values him, to show their presence on the 140 characters social network and screeam out loud #MarcoMengoniWelcomeUsa.

This is a fan action that will ha important support, and we’ll try to make that Monday not such a common and quiet day: Marco will be the protagonist of an exceptional evening in Los Angeles, where he’ll present, to the audiance od the biggest American medias, the best of “Made in Italy” music.

Hit Week - and Fimi, their partner - has chosen for Marco this show wich makes us very proud. What we want to try with this fan action is, while Marco is singing, to reach the World’s trending topics with our #MarcoMengoniWelcomeUsa.

Who wants to make everyone hear (and see) that Marco is there? (and that his ‘army’ is truly ready to support an international artist?)

Great! Here’s the details:

— Starting from 17:30 (Rome time), we will all tweet together #MarcoMengoniWelcomeUsa., adding a text with more than three letters, writing in all the languages you know.

— AVOID numbers, hearts, stars, arrows, all kind of symbols, links & pictures.

— Retweet for assuring more chances to our hashtag, and enter the worldwide trending topics.

— Keep in mind that Twitter has a limit for a certain number of tweets per hours (or half an hour), so yeah, try not to reach it so soon!

Invite all your friends! :)

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Che programma usate per fare le GIF? :)



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